Next group is planned for the period from 26.09.2018 till 05.10.2018.

Our company invites you to visit Svanetia. This region of Georgia is very beautiful, but unfortunately (or fortunately) is unknown to tourists. The time of the trip from 26.09 to 05.10.2018 departure from Berlin and Dortmund.
!!! If you fly from Munich, you will have a plan for your trip, taking into account your arrival and departure (the flight from Munich arrives on 09.29 at 02:15 local time, so you will need a hotel, departure from Kutaisi to Munich 06.10 at 17:40. For you it means more than a day of extra time in Georgia, a program for which we are ready to schedule with you individually) !!!
!!! If you have chosen a different route and arrive in Tbilisi, we will arrange a transfer from Tbilisi to Mestia !!!

Day one 26.09.2018

09:15 / 09:05 from Berlin / from Dortmund flight by Wizz air 15:05 / 15:15 Arrival in Kutaisi according to local time, respectively. 16:00 Lunch at the Restaurant in the city of Kutaisi
17:00 Transfer takes us and takes us to mountain Svaneti
20:00 Dinner in a cozy cafe on the Svaneti Pass in a place called Barjashi ბარჯაში
23:00 Arrival in the town of Mestia. Hotel Lileo (the staff speaks German, English and Russian). Recreation

Day two 27.09.2018

09:00 Breakfast
10:00 City tour of Mestia
12:00 Climbing the cable car to the top of Khatzvali 14:00 Visiting the restaurant on the top of Khatzvali
18:00 Free time. Dinner

Day three 28.09.2018

09:00 Breakfast
10:30 Hike to a hidden in the mountains of Latali churches
Latali is one of the most interesting settlements in Upper Svaneti. From here
the so-called „Free Svaneti“ begins – the land of free self-governing communities that never knew any domination and feudal system. Latali – not one village, but a whole group of villages, very picturesquely located in the gorge Inguri. The inhabitants of Latali always differed in high culture and well-being and did not spare money for erecting and decorating churches. Now in Latali there are about 60 temples built in the 9th-14th centuries.
17:00 Museum of History and Ethnography 19:00 Free time. Dinner

Day four 29.09.2018

09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Excursion to Ushguli – the highest mountain village in Europe, located at an altitude of 2200 meters
Ushguli because of the well-preserved medieval architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The oldest buildings of Ushguli date back to the 9th-10th centuries, most of the buildings are from the 11th-12th centuries, however, according to archaeological data, the settlement existed there long before that time. Ushguli, the village is the pearl of the upper Svaneti, surrounded by the gray peaks of the mountains, a place you should definitely see with your own eyes, if you are a traveler and a connoisseur of everything ancient that has survived to this day.
19:00 Free time. Dinner

Day five 30.09.2018

09:00 Breakfast
11:00 day of trekking. Trekking on the Chalaadi Glacier
The Chalaadi Glacier. The total length of the pedestrian route from the district center of Mestia is about 8 kilometers.
!!! For those who would like to go on a camping trip with an overnight stay, it is possible to agree in advance with the instructors and go out for 2 days. !!!
19:00 Free time. Dinner

Day six 01.10.2018

09:00 Breakfast
Rest You can choose an excursion as you wish, go to a cafe or market, just hang out or buy souvenirs for your friends and relatives.

Day seven 02.10.2018

09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Hike to the mountain lake of Iphi and Coruldi
17:00 Museum of Michael Khergiani
In Mestia there is another curious museum dedicated to the most famous svana – Michael Hergiani, the „tiger of the rocks“, one of the world’s greatest climbers. 19:00 Free time. Dinner

Day eight 03.10.2018

09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Horseback trekking to the Church of Tankhili
A wonderful walk for half a day, which, however, requires some physical effort.
The church itself stands on a small hill, and this road will have to be covered on foot. The forest is amazingly beautiful at any time of the year, and along the road there are views of the Inguri valley, the village of Latali, Svanetsky ridge and Ushba. Those who dare to climb the hill will be rewarded with one of the most powerful impressions of Svaneti. A tiny church in honor of the Archangels, like a blaze
and hidden in the forest, hides a masterpiece of medieval art of Svaneti: frescoes of 12-13 centuries, exceptional preservation and beauty.
19:00 Free time. 20:00 Gala Dinner

Day nine 04.10.2018

09:00 Breakfast
10:30 Fees, farewell to Svaneti 12:00 Transfer to Kutaisi
15:00 Lunch at Barjashi
18:00 Check-in at the hotel in Kutaisi 19:00 Dinner
Day the tenth 10/05/2018
4:30 Breakfast
6: 10/6: 35 to Berlin / to Dortmund flight Wizz air