active holiday in North georgia

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Why Georgia? Almost 8/10 of Georgian’s landscape is occupied by mountainous terrains. Gold and other metals were mined here since antiquity. Mineral springs gush out of the ground. Georgia is cheap, safe and known for its hospitality. And the most important thing: apart from a few places, the rugged mountains, deep gorges and thunderous rivers are not yet fully discovered by mass tourism. So the question should sound rather – why not?!


The UNESCO World Heritage Site Svaneti is situated in the north of Georgia, in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus. Preserved by its long isolation, the Upper Svaneti region is an exceptional example of mountain scenery with medieval-type villages. Winding roads lead to hidden defensive towers, which are the architectural pride of the Swans, and have not change their typical shape for almost a millennium. Here you feel as if time stopped many centuries ago. The inhabitants of Svaneti are very tradition-conscious. The rhythm of life is different here: the Swans have their own language and traditions, their own architectural styles and ancient customs, which are an important part of everyday life.

This peaceful trekking holiday includes accommodation in a country house, home-cooked meals in the evening and various activities such as horseback riding, a hike to a beautiful waterfall or an excursion to a lake in the nearby nature reserve.


  • Magnificent location at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level
  • Unique accommodation in country style
  • Day hikes on the highest mountain in Georgia to the foot of the Shkhara Glacier (5068 m high) and the springs of the Inguri River.
  • Excursion into the historical-ethnographic museum of Svanetia
  • Welcome and Good buy dinner with Georgian an European dishes
  • 9 Nights incl breakfast
  • Wine tasting