Yoga active holiday in Transcarpathia

Courses from 7 days / from 300 euros p.P or 380 euros for 2 people.


The region of Transcarpathia located in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains at the center of Europe. Transcarpathia borders on Slovakia and Hungary in the west, in the south on Romania and in the north on a small piece to the Polish Eastern Carpathians. If you are looking for an opportunity visiting undisturbed natural areas, you have to come here. Why spending holidays in Transcarpathia? Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Transcarpathia has been part of the border area of ​​the ex-USSR ruled out of industrial development. What turned poor for the economy of the region, played a major role in preserving f the natural environments. Here you have the opportunity to get to know and love the beauty of the wild nature.


But that’s not all. The people of Transcarpathia live here multicultural diversity since many centuries: Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Roman and Romanian are the languages ​​spoken every day at the market place, food that is cooked in taverns. The colorful kaleidoscope of traditions can be here experienced and enjoyed. And last but not least: if you do take care about sustainability, you can come by train from Berlin up to Transcarpathia within 15 hours. Sounds good, right? And we also have yoga retreat with our yoga teacher Anna and a German speaking administrator.


Inspiring yoga practice combined with meditation, breathing exercises, art therapy, breathtaking nature, vegetarian food and plenty of time to relax and unwind. Time to re-engage with yourself, to discover your creativity, to celebrate life with an open mind and heart, and to get acquainted with mountain life.


  • Twice daily yoga
  • Access to the swimming pool and steam sauna
  • Daily guided meditation sessions
  • Traditional cooking class
  • Walks in mountains and excursion
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily (vegan) meals
  • Horse riding tours (extra price)
  • Vine probe